Koroneiki Olive

In Greece, the Koroneiki olive is considered “the queen of olives.”

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The Koroneiki olive is crowned the “queen of olives” in Greek culture, reigning in its homeland for more than 3,000 years. The tiny, tear-shaped olive boasts a portfolio of aromatic flavor and health benefits that are anything but small. 

The Koroneiki olives’ flavor profile offers more peppery, bitter essences that may cause a slight tickle in the back of the taster’s throat. This is simply a testament to the fruit’s freshness. The dynamic flavor makes it the ideal partner for our Athenoelia olives in My Greek Orchard’s extra virgin olive oil.

These olives offer a hearty dose of polyphenols, giving the oil its distinct, vibrant green color and bite. These natural chemical compounds protect the plant from oxidation. More importantly, however, they function as antioxidants. Epidemiological studies have linked the balanced consumption of polyphenols with protection against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other ailments.


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